Random Hippy Ramblings






who am i? what a loaded question....
i guess a good way to begin an answer to that would be to say; i'm a daughter. I am highly favored, blessed by God's grace;. I am loved.
secondly, i'm a wife; cherished, laughed with, held and never forgotten.
I am a mother; reborn since day one, two daughters, one son...i live days full of joyful frustration, praying for guidence, patience and navigation.
Hogwarts house=Ravenclaw.
Ilvermorny house=Pukwudgie.
Marvel > DC
I am me; and all of the little things that make me up... walking barefoot through newborn grass, green trees, cool breezes, surrounded by nature, head in a daze. i like freedom, crave it, really. i love the fall, like it chilly...daisies and roses, photos, and poses. crafting and handmade gifts...art, beauty, a big cup of tea. reading, my cat (snarf) and rainy days...these are a few of my favorite things. i can sum it all up with one simple phrase; i am blessed, and i like it that way. <3